Fitleader FS1 Upright Exercise Bike Review

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Fitleader FS1 Upright Gym Cycle – It is all about staying fit and working out nowadays. You won’t be seeing anybody who takes fitness for granted. You will notice that everybody’s life revolves around gyms now. But not all the people are very fond of going to gym; maybe they don’t have time for that but till the craze for that toned body and muscles. So, here we are with a new bike called Fitleader FS1 Upright Gym Cycle. This upright bike was able to impress all its customer and never disappointed one till date. Also, this is a very affordable bike.

So in this article, we will highlight some of its advantages as well as disadvantages along with the customer reviews. So let’s just jump on the benefits of it.


  • Budget Bike: Although it is a budget bike, still it can lift up to 293 pounds of weight.
  • Comfort: This is an ideal bike for both men and women. You will surely enjoy its ride.
  • Smooth: You will have a very smooth experience with it. Also, this comes with Perimeter Weighted Flywheel which gives a noise-free experience.
  • Display: This comes with LCD which monitors the time, speed, distance, pulse rate, Rpm and calories as it uses hand grip pulse monitor.
  • Adjustability: Anyone ranging from height 5’1 to 6’2 can use this bike by adjusting the padded seat which is also very cozy.
  • Easiness: Even you are allowed to adjust the handlebars.
  • Resistance: This bike comes with eight magnetic resistance levels.
  • Safety: There is an extra dual-action safety brake too.
  • Accessories: This comes with a water bottle holder as well as iPod, iPad holder.


  • Height Factor: This bike is not suitable for all. People you are taller than 6’2 and shorter than 5’1 faces major problems riding it.
  • No tutorials available: This bike comes with no workout tutorial or anything like that. You won’t be getting any sample videos for your workout.
  • Average features: As you know that this is a very affordable bike so expecting anything more than its price will be very foolish.

Who should ride Fitleader FS1 Upright Exercise Bike

Fitness FS1 Upright Exercise Bike is all about fitness. It gives the best performance and is affordable. You can start exercising right away without going the gym. However, this is not suitable for all age groups especially seniors because they will require a back support.

Fitness FS1 gives workout on your core muscles and helps you in staying fit. It is ideal for youth and younger age groups who wants to do high-level fitness exercises by staying in the home. Since the price is also affordable, you can purchase it right away. You can start using and reach your fitness goals easily within no time.

Customer Review

All the customers are extremely satisfied with the product, and you will hardly find one disappointed user of it. This is such a fantastic bike which comes at such a low price. You will get almost all the ideal bike’s features this bike which makes it perfect for the usage of it at the gym and home too. You can even enjoy music while working out which is another fantastic feature of it. So, all in all, this is a very fantastic bike in such a small price which has not disappointed even a single person.

Final Verdict

As you can see that all the customers who have bought this are amazed by it. You will find every feature that an ideal bike should have in this one in such a cheap price. Also, for entertainment purpose, you can listen to songs and put your phones in the iPad holder. Also, this keeps a check on the pulse rate and the calories burn. So, what else can you get at such a price? Look forward to buying this product.

Fitleader FS1 Upright Bike Demo Video

Fitleader FS1 Upright Bike Review Specsification:

Overall Score: 8.5
Type: Upright
Resistance: 8 Levels
Flywheel: 13.22 lbs
Weight Capacity: 133 KG
Dimensions: 46″ x 25.3″ x 38.8″