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Best Spinning Bikes Under 500 For Home – [Top 5 Spin Bikes Reviews]

Spinning bikes for homeLast Updated: October 11th, 2017.  Healthy living is now achievable with the best spin bikes available in the market. All you need is to buy the perfect spin Bike for yourself and get started. But wait, it’s not that simple. You must know which bike is fit for you.

There is a large verity of spin bikes each that serves a different cadre. Before you get down to buy it, you must understand your unique requirements and the perfect fit spin bike for you.

So here are some reviews that I got through personally testing each machine that might help you find the best spin bike to exercise and stay fit. Read along to find more interesting details.

The Winners 0f 2017 – Best Indoor Spin Bikes


Keiser M3i bikes- Luxury at its best!

For those who do not care about the price tag, the Keiser M3i bike is the ultimate indoor exercise bike. Fitness knows no bounds; it’s your mind that determines the limit. Indulge into unlimited fitness activities at the comfort of your home. Take away the luxury and extravagance of elegance, design, persona to shape up your personality. !


Sunny Indoor Bike- a friendly investment

Yes, the Sunny indoor exercise bike is our choice when it comes to a budget friendly yet value for money spin bike. The incredible fitness experience and value for money budget spin bike recommended for every home. Sunny indoor exercise spin bike is ideal for beginners, and it proofs it’s worth with high customer satisfaction ratio!

So here I will be giving a spinning bikes review for you to help to make a right choice. When it comes to best indoor cycling bikes, the decision is the key because it is going to be within your home for years. So I will be taking the top 5 choices and give a brief review about them.

For the Top pick of the year, we have the new revolutionary

Product NameRatingsWarranty
DimmensionsSee Price
Keiser M3i Cycle (For Pro's)9.5/1010 Years49 x 26 x 45$$$
PROFORM 290 SPX 9.0/105 Years27.5 x 16.5 x 47.5$$
Sole Fitness SB700 (Editor's Choice)9.5/10Lifetime42 x 21 x 40$$$
Schwinn IC2 8.0/105 Years45 x 23 x 49$
SF-B1110 (Editor's Choice)9.5/101 Year42 x 35 x 10$
SF - B901 9.0/101 Year48.5 x 20 x 46.5$$$
Spinning Spinner S1 (Beginners)8.5/101 Year (Parts)60 x 20 x 57$$
SF-B1423 8.5/101 Year41 x 35 x 10$
Marcy XJ-3220 (Low Budget)8.0/102 Years Parts41.8 x 32 x 9 $
Bladez Fitness GS II 8.0/10n/a47.5 x 20 x 43$

Top 5 Best Spin Bikes Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle – [Our Top Picks]

Keiser M3 Indoor CycleIf you are looking to buy a good trainer exercise bike then this one needs to be on top of your list. The revolutionary spin bike for indoor cycle exercise, M3 from Keiser is a class apart. Using latest magnetic wheel technology, this bike does not require a power input.

The LCD screen display needs only two AA size batteries to work. Excellent space saving design that fits in tight places easily makes it more likely to be favored.  

This bike comes with a higher budget, but the cost is no bar for those fitness freaks who believe in extraordinary exercising experience. The Keiser M3 indoor exercise bike comes with brilliant features and highest durability with almost no maintenance. Adding on, the M3 built and design is something that I personally liked the most.

Highlighted features

  • Magnetic wheel technology
  • No maintenance required
  • Highly durable and light weight
  • No input source needed
  • High accuracy monitor and tracker inbuilt
  • High performance, great cardio exercise

This super cool bike is made from corrosion resistant material which gives it a longer life than its counterparts. The design fits perfectly for all sizes as the seat is four ways adjustable with equally adjustable pedals.

The Keiser M3 is built for performance; no other bike can come close. With its high-end resistance adjustability, you can easily perform various exercises. It’s smooth, highly stable and is almost soundless.   Extremely conformable and conveniently adjustable seat allows exercising well even with higher cranks and high speed.

Even at high speeds, the bike seems to stay steady which made the workout comfortable.  The built seems solid and considering the price at which this is being sold, it seems to be worth every penny spent.

Assembling the bike was also as easy as it gets and within few minutes I was able to put it together and use.  The package was well sealed and the delivery was quick.

The digital readings on the bike have been built with great precision.  It was easy to track the calories burned and unlike a lot of other bikes, this one seems to provide a more accurate reading based on the distance/time traveled and the resistance.

Before buying I compared lots of reviews and even tried to reach out to the support team to check their response time.  Overall the service quality seems satisfactory and a worthy purchase at this price and definitely one of the best spinning bikes in the market now.

Sole Fitness SB700 Exercise Bike – [An Excellent Bike]

Sole Fitness SB700I had been trying to find a low budget yet considerably smarter choice. So I found this and here is my opinion on it. Found lots of options over the internet, however, most of them lacked some feature or the prices were way more than you want to pay. Finally, I found the Sole Fitness SB700 Exercise Bike which seems to be versatile in terms of features and worthy in price.

The built is good and feels a durable bike.  

The design is very professional and the designers seem to have spent enough in making it effective for a perfect workout. The seating is comfortable and your posture is such that does not hurt your back.

Highlighted Feature

  • Professionally designed product
  • High durable quality
  • Sturdy and high performance guaranteed
  • Adjustable and well mounted

Assembling such bikes can be challenging but I felt this as one of the biggest positives of this product. 80% of the bike comes as pre-assembled and very less effort is needed to make it ready for use.  Packaging was not the best, however, all parts were secure. Taking it out of the box might require some additional help as it is heavy thanks to its strong built material.  

The first thing that I noticed when I started using it was that it resembled actual riding experience very closely which is a result of its great design.  It feels easy to get acquired to the bike once you started using it for some time.

There is hardly any sound when using and is easy to adjust as well. Quality is very good when compared to other bikes in this price range.  The display is well mounted and is 3-4 inch wide. Reading the display in dark can be a bit difficult however the monitoring aspect is good and gives you a count of Kcal, distance, speed, time and a lot more.  

The pedals and the straps on it seems a lot comfortable and so are the brake pads.   It comes with a bottle holder along so that you can continue the workout for a long time without having to worry much about the effort.

You may find a lot of other bikes that are cheaper than this but I would definitely recommend this to everyone who can afford it. It has all the features that you expect from a professional trainer bike or best spinning bike.  It surely will last long especially if you use it well. The company provides light commercial warranty, three years for electronic parts whereas the frame is covered lifetime.

BodyCraft SPX Club Indoor Bike – Average Budget Bike

Bodycraft-SPX-Indoor-CycleWhen it comes to average budget indoor training spin bike that is good for both, gym and home, then the BodyCraft SPX Club Indoor Cycling Bike will be my pick.

This is one heavy duty exercise bike that is made of the tough steel frame that is coated with powder paint to give a longer rust free life. Its smooth functioning is due to its German made high-quality SKF bearings, which is one of the most admired features. The body is well built and sturdy, making exercising easy and fun.

Easy to assemble and you can even customize to add iPad and other accessories to and monitor the workout. Various cardio exercises can be done easily. Fit for every age group, you can use it invariably for any spin bike exercise.

Highlighted Features:

  • Effortless working
  • Almost no sound
  • Little maintenance required
  • Workout at higher resistance is very easy
  • Sleek look and design

I had quite a lovely experience working on it. Given the budgeted price I found this bike as most promising. It gives you the same experience as that of working in a gym. Had no trouble in assembling, very convenient, no expert assembly required.

This spin bike is good for people with an average budget but with a higher level of workout expectations; durable, sturdy and useful for every member of the family. Even senior members can use the bike as it has high suspension seat that is easily adjustable. The handle and pedals too can be adjusted to suit your height and workout level.

For testing this spin bike I ordered it online and got it in two days, which is pretty fast. Good for those who need it in short time. It was nicely packed and quick to assemble. It has a DIY assembly; just a bit on a heavier side due to its steel frame. You can’t carry it upstairs alone. If you need the bike upstairs, better you take it in parts and then assemble it there.

All in all seems like a good pick for a good price; full value for money. With long life and durability, it’s going to astray with you for long. But the only problem that I found with the bike is it requires a little more maintenance than others. Due to its steel frame and bearings, you must oil it regularly to maintain smooth functioning.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1423Low Budget Bike

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1423This 40lbs belt drive spin bike is very efficient and effective when it comes to picking the best spinning bike in a budget that can deliver high performance. Fully adjustable seat and handles are a plus to make this bike fit for people with different heights. The maximum weight that this bike can take is 250lbs, which makes is quite desirable.

Features of the spin bike

Now here is my opinion on this spin bike; for a mere budget of $250 you get:


Highlighted Feature

  • Incredible workout experience
  • Sturdy, strong built
  • Durable spin bike
  • LCD display
  • Adjustable seat and handle with pedal strap
  • Increase tension and resistance of the workout with just a knob, which is very simple

Its heavy flywheel gives you extreme wonderful exercise experience even at high speed and resistance. An added advantage with the spin bike is that you get easy mobility with transport support wheels it has. So now moving the bike from one room to another is very easy.

One more interesting feature of this bike is that it has a bottle holder attached to it. So now you can have your favorite booster drink handy with you. No more distractions or water break. The display shows the calorie burnt along with speed, distance and time took to burn those calories. It gives a nice track to your cardio work out.

My research suggests that this bikes fit in every house and keeps everyone fit with its budget, sturdiness, durability and workout experience. It’s a perfect gift for your wife or girlfriend who deserves a gym quality exercise machine that gives tremendous results.  

Winters are near and so indoor exercising will be paramount. This spin bike is one that each home can easily have. You order it online and it reaches you within 2-3 days. With little assembly required you are just ready to go.

The powder coated paint gives it a longer rust-free life. It is definitely better than that Wal-Mart picks, but for those with no budget constraint, this will not be a perfect pick.

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Bike – Low Budget with High Rating

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling BikeIf you are looking for a professional fitness bike then this seems to be a good option. What I liked most about the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike was its design because of which this proves to be a comfortable option for a cycling workout.  The resistance system of the bike is very good and easy to adjust.

Beginners will especially find the bike easy to use.  The designers seem to have given a lot of importance to adjustability. The seating, as well as the handles, are easy to adjust based on the height and physic of the user.

Highlighted features:

  • Easy to move transport wheels
  • Easy to adjust seat height, handle grip and resistance
  • Strong steel body frame
  • Good LCD display
  • Calorie, speed, distance and time tracker
  • Sturdy at higher cranks
  • Soundless operation

When you get accustomed with an exercise bike any other option might not satisfy and provide the expected result.  Buyers so look for bikes that will last long. A lot of users of similar bikes have had disappointment in terms of the quality of built however this bike seems to be made of heavy duty material which makes it a worthy choice if you are looking for one that will require little or no maintenance.  

I personally have always favored bikes that are easy to move around in the house. Although the bike is quite heavy yet this bike comes with wheels on the bottom that makes it easy to move from one room to another.  Another noticeable feature of the bike is its quality and the looks. At this price, it looks a premium purchase. Using the bike for long workout also seemed to be an easy job and very much resembled the experience of cycling outside.

The bike made very little to no sound when using which is yet another positive feature of the bike. Most of such bikes require fitting and so does this, however, I felt that fitting this bike was comparatively simpler compared to some of the other bikes I have seen.

It can support a weight of approx 275 pounds and the dimensions of the bike also are suitable to fit in your home.  One of the biggest attractions of this bike is its price.  At such a huge discount there are hardly many options that come with features such as 40-pound flywheel and transport wheels.

The package comes with a user manual which makes it easy to use, adjust and maintain.  I would recommend this as a good option for all the beginners going for bike workout and is worth the money spent on it.

Guide to Buying a Best Spin Bike 2017

A spin bike is an exercising machine majorly designed as a substitute for delivering close to the real experience of riding a bike outdoors. It has become the latest trend in fitness markets. Our guide to buying a spin bike lists you the things to consider before you purchase the spin bike.

1.    The ‘Q’ Factor

Q Factor determines if your bike is close to performing a real bike or not. Q Factor is calculated basing on the distance existing between the attachments of pedals on both the sides. The lower the Q factor of the bike, the closer it’s to perform like a real road bike. But, experts suggest a bike with more Q factor for a rider with wider hips. Q factor ranges from 155-175mm.

2.    Heaviness of Flywheel & Drive mechanism

The weight of flywheel changes the momentum of the pedals. If a wheel is heavy, it gives a smoother experience like the road bikes. The usual range is 14-20 KGs. The drive chain mechanism should run efficiently without making noise. For the best workout experience, you have to buy a bike which is heavy and has a smooth drive mechanism which makes less or no noise.

3.    Seat position and Handlebar adjustability

It is similar like handlebars usage, to get the most of your workout; you should have a comfortable position which is possible only with an adjustable seat. The adjustability to the front and back up and downplays a key role in working out for all types of riders.If the purpose of your bike is at home, it should be adjustable to users of all sizes and heights.

4.    Levels of Resistance

A spin bike offers two kinds of resistance – magnetic and friction. Friction resistance is due to the pressure on the flywheel and magnetic using a strong magnet. A magnetic resistance bike doesn’t have to replace pads frequently like Friction. The resistance levels determine if a bike can perform for vigorous workouts.

5.       Transportability
A spin bike should be easily portable with transport wheels. Transportability ease allows you to move the bike from a place to another without much difficulty

Top three Spin bike brands

Here is the recommendation of top 3 spin bikes brands available in the market:

Sunny Health Fitness

At this price, it is one of the most recommended bike brands in the market. The built quality is top notch and easy to assemble. The height of the seat and handlebars can be easily adjusted based on the body type.
sunny health fitness bike manufacturer has been into business for a long time and have made a goodwill of their own.

Sunny health fitness is famous for its durability and superior quality. If you are looking for a budget-friendly indoor bike then prefer this brand.

Diamondback Indoor cycles

This brand is known to produce bikes that are smooth in the running and deliver exceptional results with limited effort. The bikes come with full features such as multiple levels of resistance and easy adjustability. There are also numerous workout programs that you can configure quickly on the bike.
The spin bikes from this brand can be used for performing multiple exercises from a single bike and each bike comes with a guide to help learn workout in a simple manner.One of the biggest benefit of buying spin bikes for this brand is that they provide full customer support and have a great customer service.

Spinner NXT

The design is durable and operates through the traditional mode of the chain. The resistance is controlled by grips on the wheel instead of the fascinating process that is available in many of the bikes of today. Even though this bike operates traditionally yet, it provides the best of the results and a great experience.

This is the old guy as you can call it, an old is a gold. Right? If you like traditional workout method even at home, this brand is what you can look out for.

Benefits of having a Spin Bike at Home

benefits-of-spin-bikesAn indoor cycling spin bike is comfortable, cost-effective, helps you achieve your fitness goals. An indoor cycling bike comes with various benefits than just giving you fitness. Here are some of the things you get when you own a spin bike:-

– Saves Cost, Time for Traveling and doesn’t interfere your schedule

If you want to hit the gym, then traveling might at times cost your schedule. With your spin bike, you don’t have to go around. You can achieve fitness right from your home. It saves you money, time as well as traveling hours. Also, much do your gym classes cost every month?

If you have a bike, it will be profitable in the long run. An indoor bike will save your gym fees, your traveling cost and time, and also you shouldn’t have to disturb your personal schedules to fit in the gym timings.

– Bike of your choice

You don’t always get the bike of your interest if you are going to the gym. When you have a bike at home, you select a model which you like and also all the features that come with it. If you are a gym person, you might also know that the bikes will be occupied by riders. You will not get the same bike always, too. You can select your bike and it will boost your chances and interest too.

– Selective surroundings and avoid crowd

You wouldn’t have to do fitness goals with a lot of many people; you shouldn’t have to bother much with the clothes you are wearing or anything. Also, it will encourage your family to exercise often too. It will help them to spring into action seeing you. You can play music or watch tv while doing the workouts which improve your workout experience because it enlightens the mood, gives you a pleasant atmosphere.

– Health & Cleanliness

There is a chance of you falling sick when the bike in a gym is uncleanly. Especially, because of the germs on the handle because of people suffering common cold or such. You can maintain the cleanliness of your bike without having to rely on the gym bikes. You can have a risk of getting germs from bikes or the gym surroundings. If the bikes aren’t maintained and cleaned on a regular basis, chances of getting health issues are high.


Spin bike usually supports all body types and can be placed in homes, and gyms too. The reason why spin bikes make an ideal choice is, they raise your heart rate and keeps the momentum. Exercises are fun, and you can kick start your cardiovascular workouts in a more enthusiastic manner with spinning bikes.

However, be selective while choosing the right bike for you. Read through the bikes and make your ideal choice. Just an hour session will burn calories up to 900. Just one session! Choose the bike from our best spin bikes collection and start exercising already at your own time and place. We hope our guide to buying a spin bike is helpful in finding a perfect spin bike for your needs.

Marcy XJ-3220 Club Revolution Cycle Trainer Review

Marcy Club Revolution Cycle
The Marcy Club Revolution Cycle is an affordable indoor exercise cycle best suited for beginners and experienced riders. Highlights include 40 lbs flywheel, adjustable handlebars, and water bottle holder. A standard limited warranty of 2 years catches the deal.

This is an all-rounder in fitness training at home. One of the best rated stationary exercise bikes for home, it is a must for all. The Marcy XJ 3220 has been top rated exercise bike for the year and comes with so many features. Value for money, this bike comes with adjustment features for both handle and seat.

Marcy XJ-3220 Club Revolution Cycle Trainer Overview

Marcy Club Revolution Cycle: The cycle, as indicated by the name, will give you a complete experience of workout in club style and also without any monthly installment. Helping you in your real cardio workout, the cycle provides a natural and stable riding platform. With a 40lbs flywheel that supports variable manual resistance, the machine has a weighted construction. This massive designing makes the cycle stand for many years in your home.

The cycle is designed keeping almost everyone’s body types in mind. It makes the muscles tone and define, burns fat and helps in losing weight, and workout on it targets mainly buttocks, hamstrings, and back portion. Balanced flywheel gives a smoother & continuous momentum to your riding. Manual resistance is easy to adjust. Dimensions are 40L x 20.5W x 43H inches. Weight capacity bearable: 300 lbs.

Is Marcy Club Revolution Cycle the best spin exercise bike brand for you? Here are some factors to keep in mind before buying the bike.

The Merits

  • Adjustment Knobs: 4 level adjustment knobs are given under the stabilizer bars to level out the cycle when used on an uneven floor preventing any side to side movement.
  • Smooth Flywheel: A 40lbs flywheel which is completely balanced offers a smooth riding on the cycle.
  • Adjustable Handle Bars: The given handlebars are adjustable as according to the rider to maximize his efforts during the ride.
  • Adjustable Basket Cage Pedals: The pedals are very smooth and adjustable. So, there is no any concern of your feet slipping out.
  • Transportable: The transport wheels given in the machine are very flexible and easily allow the movement of the cycle.
  • Adjustable Seat: The seat of the cycle is free to adjust either horizontally or vertically.
  • Quick Stop: Being equipped with a secure brake system, the machine supports the rapid stop facility.
  • Adjustable Resistance: Resistance knobs are very easy to use that allows you to increase and decrease the intensity of your ride.
  • Easy Assembly: Most of the times, the product comes assembled. And the required left assembly is also very easy & straight forward that hardly takes one hour or even less sometimes.
  • Sturdy Frame: There is no shaking like motion in the cycle no matter how hard you are riding.
  • Little Maintenance: It requires little maintenance of the cycle in a day.
  • Low Noise: While riding, a slight sound is created so that you can watch TV or can take your emergency calls without disturbing your workout.
  • Water Bottle Holder

The Demerits

  • No Console: No any console or workout programs are included in the system.
  • No Keeping of Book: You cannot place an MP3 player or a book or any tablet during your riding.
  • Uncomfortable Seat: The provided seat is uncomfortable to sit. But you can change it with a more comfortable one.

An Important Safety Measure

    • Dirt and Dust. A rubber exercise mat on the floor will protect it from being damaged by the lubricant and little dust particles released by the cycle.

Marcy Club Revolution Cycle Trainer Overview Video

Customer Review

The users of this exercise cycle reviewed the bike and gave it an overall 4.0 ratings. One rated it as well-constructed, and very sturdy. For others, it is easy to put together, no noise at all, and smooth as well. However, a few number of people have some issues too. Read more reviews here.

Marcy Club Revolution Cycle Trainer Specifications:

Overall Score: 8.3
Type: Trainer
Item Weight 88 Pounds
Color: Multi
Weight Capacity: 300 Pounds
Dimensions: 9.00 x 32.00 x 41.50 inches

Indoor Cycling Bikes

If you’re a fitness freak or have ever just had a random spurt of inspiration to get into shape, then you owned an indoor cycling bike at some point. They’re easy to use and don’t take up too much space. It’s a convenient way of exercising without actually having to leave the house, which seems to be the general wish of the public nowadays! People use the weather or distance as an excuse to skip the gym and thus develop a habit of being irregular.

If there’s a bike right at your house to exercise on then, they’re fewer ways of escaping from exercise! A gym motivates people better since they’re working out in a group. However, doesn’t it sound better to work out at home than walk or drive all the way to the gym, wait for a bike to empty, and then make your way back home sweaty and exhausted?

An exercise bike is very easy on the joints without putting too much strain on your muscles. This is convenient for people with knee or back problems. It’s a great way to burn calories and fat stores, and it’s a good oxygen boost. An exercise bike is particularly useful for beginners who don’t know much about what workouts would suit them. Thus they end up working quite hard but not so much that they would be demotivated to do it again.

A person can even set up their laptop or TV in front of them and play a regime fitness video or just something entertaining like music while working out. While buying a bike one has to consider a lot of options before deciding on one. More often than not people overestimate their ability to stick to their workout plans (especially beginners) and end up buying high-end bikes that might later just go to waste.

So one should keep in mind their requirements and potential before buying an indoor bike. There are a few essential features that are necessary for every piece of equipment. Comfort is the number one priority. Since a person will be expending a lot of time and energy on this piece of equipment, it is essential that he/she have a comfortable seat.

The bike should also have various levels of resistance. The pedals have to be wide enough and preferably with straps attached to them so your feet won’t slip while pedalling. Recumbent bikes take the load off of your back and knees, giving you a no-impact workout in the comfort of your indoor bikes

This delivers an ideal workout if you’re recovering from injury or looking for a safe form of cross training. The built-in the computer must display basic stats like speed, time and the number of calories burned. One must check the weight limit or the weight of the bike; stability is essential. The heavier the bike, the more stable it will be.

Some of the best indoor bikes in 2017 are the Sunny SF-B1001 Indoor Cycling Bike, Exerpeutic LX7 Training Cycle with Computer Monitor and Heart Pulse Sensors, Phoenix 98623 Revolution Cycle Pro II Exercise Bike, Reebok 510 Indoor Cycle and much more!