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weight loss 2017With the hush of hush of busy life, it has become very difficult to take care of diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you love reading blogs, you should look for those blogs that provide relevant information on various healthy habits and routines that you can follow to maintain your health. There are many blog sites available and each of them provides best information and researched content. But caution is the word; wrong guidance provided within a blog could divert you from your goal.

Finding appropriate blog could be challenging considering the huge list of blogs available and the number of new blogs that are launched on a daily basis. Don’t you worry; we’re here to provide you the list of most recommended and reliable blogs that you can refer to read on health and diet.

Robard Corporation

The robard blog has something for everyone. Lot of Content which is highly motivating and based on research material. Not every blog is able to provide you with the latest and updated information as robard does.  Most of the articles have been written by researched scholars and can be relied upon.

Goal of Losing

Who does not love eating great tasty food, but most of your favorite dishes come at the cost of high calories. Obesity is a common problem today and if you are facing this problem and wanting to lose weight than this blog should be a must read. The blog provides tasty recipes of various foods that are healthy and of low calories which will help you to manage and lose weight.


The Shape Cube

Everyone wants to get into the right shape but what they need is the motivation required to put in the effort. The Shapecube blog is the perfect destination towards a Healthy lifestyle. The blogs is written in a way so as to push the Reader towards making effort in daily life. It provides you with Content on importance of small daily habits such as walking regularly and drinking lot of water. 

Simply Tara Lynn

If you are looking for some motivation in your life to get into the right shape then this blog is meant for you. The writer of this blog shares her personal experience of maintaining a Healthy lifestyle and how you as a reader can achieve it without taking much trouble and following some simple steps as your daily routine. 

 We Make 7

If you have children and you want to give a good life to them and yourself then staying healthy is very important. The wemake blog is dedicated to provide great benefits to the readers and motivate them to follow a good Lifestyle.  The information is well researched and provided in simple and easy steps for you to follow easily.

The Weight of My Weight

Maintaining a healthy weight is very important. If you are obese then losing weight could be a big challenge until you are motivated enough. This blog is a great choice to get some motivated Content it helps you to not only follow a good diet but also provide enough Content on the importance of exercising regularly. 


Body Rebooted

Are you looking for tasty delicious recipes which are low in calories content? If the answer to this question is yes then you will love this blog. Regular updates are provided on the blog with new recipes and quick and easy tips to make healthy food that you would love to it.



The blog focuses on various aspects of keeping yourself healthy and satisfied. Good quality content is available on the blog and is well categorized. You will find plenty of information on how to maintain a good diet, regular exercise and the importance of drinking plenty of water. The Content is written in simple steps which is available free for the audience.


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