25+ Best Vegan Blogs 2017

Being Vegan isn’t an easy choice especially in this era of modernism where people claim non-veg gives energy. However, we have found some support for you, check out this list of Best Vegan blogs to get the best recipes and pieces of advice.

Our 25+ blogs collection for 2017 will make you get the best recipes and the devices for the rest of the year. Reads these blogs for inspiration and be fit like never before!

The Veracious Vegan

This blog has tasty recipes, honest reviews of vegan cuisines, vino, and chocolate. Going vegan doesn’t mean compromising on any of the factors non-veg food gives. These best recipes stand higher in nutrition too. Her love for animals made her a vegan, and her recipes will leave you with tasty veg cuisines!

Artistic Vegan

Christa’s Artistic Vegan encourages everyone to follow the vegan lifestyle. She believes counting in colors than calories. You would be more than happy to stop by! She inspires you to try tasty and new recipes. Adding a vegan meal to your lifestyle will be a great addition. Start your week with this healthy foods.

Vegan Outreach

To people looking forward to reducing the animal slaughter for food, this is indeed the right place. Vegan Outreach is a popular resource for vegan foods. Also, you can catch up the latest info on vegan news, go through funny interviews. And of course, have delicious recipes now! Have a healthy and tasty meal.

The Little Blog of Vegan

Though a little blog but it is never short of recipes, you will love! Don’t struggle to find vegan choices now. Use this as a source and cook your meals right away! Also, Holly shares cruelty-free and vegan brands for beauty too. If you are an animal lover and want to follow vegan lifestyle completely, not only in foods then check it out.

My Whole Food Life

The mission of the blog is to eat and live as healthily as possible. You can stop by for healthy recipes. The recipes include everything from snacks, desserts, and breakfasts to meals and much more. It’s a vegan blog, but it’s not restricted to recipes alone. You can follow this for a healthier lifestyle.

The Chi City Vegan

Well, this blog is a bit unique from the rest. Halley doesn’t do experiments with cooking and doesn’t cook too much. But she is a foodie and loves eating in restaurants, bakeries, and sandwich shops. Her love for food includes traveling across Chicago Finding the Best Vegan meals and sharing them with you.

Plant Body Solution

Gabrielle Olga, a nutritional coach, and a medical practitioner, helps the mission in getting a healthy lifestyle with plant-based foods. She has worked for a weight-loss organization earlier and helped people in reaching their fitness goals. But, the unethical practices made her quit and start her private practice. She reaches out globally to all through the blog and shares posts on weight loss, nutrition, recipes, meal preparation, health news, and much more.

Vegan Crunk

Bianca, a 21-year old vegetarian and 11 years vegan shares yummy recipes. She even makes recipes according to the events too. Her Cookin’ Crunk cookbook will leave your stomach and soul satisfied. She posts yummilicious recipes, and you will fall in love with every food item!

The World Within Her

Marsha creates awareness of healthy lifestyle to people and believes in making the world an eco-friendly place. She spreads love, connects with people and lives a vegan style. Her blog narrates the same, and she engages with like-minded people encouraging them to go vegan! Also, she inspires people to follow their dreams on her blog.

Simple Vegan Blog

Don’t worry about ingredients because this Simple Vegan Blog uses everyday ingredients to make healthy and delicious items. The authors of the blog firmly believe going vegan is a better choice for our health, other people and also for our Earth. Also, they help and encourage others in creating their blogs.

Dianne’s Vegan Kitchen

Dianne is a vegan lifestyle coach, health counselor and a specialist in the plan-based nutritional diet. She offers lifestyle coaching and nutrition programs in U.S. and also she teaches cooking in New Jersey. She shares healthy recipes, promotes health awareness among everyone.

Treatment for PCOS

This vegan diet became popular because of its ideal diet plan. It avoids all the animal products. Other diet plans for PCOS consist of low-glycemic, and it’s hard to stick by them. But the vegan diet plan by treatmentforpcos.com is a right way to start. By following the diet plan, you will get a fit and healthy life.


Annie is a holistic health coach and holds Ph.D. in Nutritional Sciences. She believes in gaining true health by eating nutritional products. Her recipes not only help you in losing the extra fat from the body but will also give you an energetic life. She shares her nutritional diet plans and promotes a healthy living!

Histamine To Go

Marcel inspires and helps people suffering from Histamine Intolerance to get a happy life again. If you are unhappy, fat, and unhealthy, check out his blog to become the version of how you want – fitter, happier, and healthier. He will guide you through a healthy life. His blog posts are mainly regarding histamine intolerance, veganism, health, travel, happiness, food, etc.

Well Vegan

When you have right recipes, you can follow a vegan lifestyle and still have a healthy life as well as tasty foods. This blog follows the plant-based lifestyle, and they have talented cooks who come up with yummy and unique products. You will love them absolutely, and you will probably end up sharing this or making them too many times.

Jacked on the Beanstalk

The author Samantha Shorkey is a fitness freak and is passionate about creating awareness regarding plant-based diets. She is also a certified personal trainer and Weight Management Specialist. She shares healthy recipes and best tips to get a fit body and healthy lifestyle. She is also a contributor to Health & Fitness Magazine.

Main Street Vegan

Victoria Moran is a proud title holder of ‘Peta’s Sexiest Vegan Over 50’. She is a bestselling author of many vegan related books like Creating a Charmed Life, The Love-Powered Diet, and much more. She rolled out her latest ‘The Good Karma Diet’ book too. She inspires everyone to eat delicious recipes and become fit through vegan recipes.

WTFVeganFood ( Will Travel For Vegan Food)

Kristin loves food! She enjoys and discovers amazing vegan restaurants. She loves traveling and exploring different cultures. She explores places and shares the must visit vegan restaurants along with the items you should check out. You will end up visiting the nearest restaurants covered by her if you go through her blog.

Vegan Sandra

Sandra is a long-time vegan, and she shares delicious, easy and affordable recipes. She loves cooking, and her compassion for animals made her a vegan. She creates tasty foods with simple ingredients and promotes an animal-friendly and healthy lifestyle. You will never have to spend extra for the ingredients because she gives you yummilicious recipes in affordable price.


Morag loves baking, adventures, and discovering new restaurants. Mo’adore shares everything about what she loves (or adores). What she wears, what she eats, and isn’t constrained to a particular topic. She focuses on feminism, animal welfare, and promotes an ethical lifestyle. She comes up with new and tasty recipes.

Cook Easy Vegan

Andrea gives priority to home-cooked meals, and she rarely cooks the same thing again, she loves experimenting and comes up with new meals every time. She cooks by her instinct, and she writes down the recipes while trying. She enhances the tastes of food by using simple ingredients.

Elephantastic Vegan

Ever heard of the questions like “How do you get sufficient protein?” “Don’t you think you are eating protein less food?” “Why are you eating only that?” “Don’t you think only vegan foods can’t make you healthy?” “Do you have any plans of surviving with seeds and greens?”. You can get answers to all this with Elephantastic Blog which offers you the Best dishes which are rich in protein and nutrients and tastes splendid too!

Green Vegan Living

Do you want to glimpse the beautiful side of being a vegan? Read all positive posts on recipes, best vegan restaurants or places, read amazing books and change the way you receive life and mainly avoid reading the flak on meat eaters. Well, Green Vegan Living focuses only on the positive and doesn’t vent out against meat eaters. Gianna’s blog is all about having tasty healthy food and a bunch of positiveness every day!

Positively Vegan

Being a vegan shouldn’t be an extraordinary thing; it should just be a normal part of our lives believes Kim Miles. She encourages everyone to make the best out of their lifestyle and enjoy the delicious foods. She shares tasty recipes and makes cooking even more interesting!


Veggie Eats and Other treats

“Do you think your food is enough for a healthy body?” Well, yes believes the author. She shares the different types of foods along with the supplements it can provide to the body. She shares easy, tasty and cheap recipes without going to non-vegan foods. She also makes it easier for you to follow the vegan style and for a healthier body without meat.

Vegan Yack Attack

Want to read more about the vegan blog and food rather than the insights of author’s life? Vegan Yack Attack might be the best place to stop. You will get to learn new things and information. You will get hundreds of tasty recipes, mesmerizing pictures along with a cookbook.

Guac and Roll

If your friends have no idea on the vegan foods and how tasty they are, refer them to this blog. Make them try out these dishes. You will get easy recipes too and you can satisfy your hunger cravings easily. You will be getting in numerous vegan recipes along with styling tips.

Blissful Basil

Ashley is a plant-based food blogger, recipe-creator, writer, and a photographer. Her guidance in cooking is her parents. Life is a reflection of the daily and small changes we make and it decides our ability to thrive emotionally, mentally, and physically she believes. Blissful Basil is an inspiring blog to look out for. You will get to enjoy recipes with different textures, flavors, and colors.

The Vegan 8

The Vegan 8 focuses on recipes that are dairy-free, oil-free, no extra gums, tofu-free and mainly gluten-free! If you are in search for gluten-free recipes, you will find it the best here because there are too many varieties to choose from. You will get simple and easy recipes, you will just require 8 ingredients for making the tasty dish!

Final Words

Being a Vegan or not, doesn’t matter because these blogs will help you in getting the most delicious and excellent foods. You will have a tastier and healthier than before once you start following them.

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