20+ Best Running Blogs List of 2017

Blogs cover everything. Personalities and strangers share their experiences and honest reviews regarding things like things to do, food, and adventures. With blogs, they connect to an audience across the globe, and it makes them happy!

Running blogs are a kind of inspiration and also covers the benefits and everything related to it. Though many are gender divided, the common theme is to write about running, their benefits, how to do perfectly and highlights all the sides. You can find various running blogs out there but its difficult to find the useful and best ones.

Do not worry. We have shortlisted the best running blogs for you. Don’t forget to check them out. You can thank us later after you read.

Taking the Long Way Home

Wendy is a brilliant motivator, and she has been running for many years now. When she got diagnosed with arthritis, she never let it stop her. It made her passion for running even stronger. She even took a step ahead and made her life dream come true by Big Sur Marathon. She also enjoys participating in Strength building, cycling, yoga, kayaking, waterskiing, and SUP. Her blog inspires you to keep going!


Misssipi Piddlin

Tricia’s blog comes with a tagline says “Building a better me, ” and it resonates with the readers too since it helps themselves in making a better version of themselves. She is a Mississippi Girl, nd she loves piddlin around. Her blog is colorful, fun, and inspiring! She writes on the fun aspects of running, traveling and racing. You will love reading her blogs.


Keep Life Simple

Annette is a health and fitness coach. She is 51 years old, but she never lets her age stop her progress in health and maintains a positive aging agenda. She too faces the problems of aging, but she never let them halt her actions. Keep Life Simple aims in creating a positive life and guides you with lifestyle changes which are beneficial to a healthier you. It focuses on loving yourself and feeling good about it.


Run Steff Run

Author name lies in the website name itself, and it is a bit creative, you have to agree. Steff loves running in events, and it leads her to participate in marathons too. She was earlier taking parts in relays, and her first adult running was “5K” and completed her full marathon within a year. She loves running and loves helping people with their training. If you love running, then you can relate to her words.

Runner Girl Training

Runner Girl Training is a blog you need to read if you are serious about running. It covers a wide range of topics like weight loss, fitness, exercises, and much more! The author of the blog is a fitness consultant, vegan, yogi, and an inspiring runner. She is also a personal trainer too. Her blog is everything you need to read right away.

Run Eat Snap

Jill loves running, foods & nutrition and photography. Her blog is about the same. She also enjoys watching movies, listening to music, hiking, traveling, watching TV shows, chocolates, fitness classes, quotes and she shares about them too on her blog. She writes on running, helps you with the nutritional and healthy foods and gives you insights of photography. If you are passionate about them too, then go check out her blog now!

Tutus and Tennies

Want to read something honest, funny and inspiring too? Well, Mary Beth fondly called as MB does it for you. She writes her post in a witty and inspiring way, and you would love reading them more. Her fear of being left behind made her begin, but it was only that beginning which made her to then go for a 5K marathon. There’s no stopping her ever since. She believes it’s never too late to start your ode to fitness.

The Cookie Chrunicles

Meredith shares her knowledge, experiences, and thoughts and is also working on her divorce ebook. She also shares co-parenting techniques and helps the single parents to overcome and lead a successful and happy life again. Her blog posts help the readers in having a happy and healthy life. Her blog name also was from the creative thought she got while running. The Cookie chRUNicles is a funny chronicle regarding her daily mileage.

The Pursuit of Awesome

Pictures are worth thousands of words. Well, you have to check ‘About me’ of Allison’s Blog to make sure the line is perfect and meaningful. Allision is a certified trainer, writer, and a coach. The pursuit of Awesome began in 2013 and Allison left her corporate job to make her interest in fitness and coaching into full-time business and there’s no looking back ever since. She is living a healthier, fulfilled, and happier life ever since.

Shut Up and Run

Beth Risdon is a crazy writer! It doesn’t mean the posts are crazy. It means she is crazy enough to say whatever she feels without mincing and doesn’t sugarcoat it. She loves running. She didn’t take part in the half marathons or full, but when she set her mind, she took all the steps and completed her Boston Marathon. She believes in sayings things honestly and a real manner.


Coach Debbie Runs

Debbie is a coach and personal trainer. Her blog inspires and motivates to live a healthier lifestyle.

Welcome to Coach Debbie Runs, where our goal is to give you inspiration and motivation to help you live a healthy way of life. For all the people juggling with their family, career and barely have time for enjoying a healthy lifestyle; she shares her ways to help you out. She shares in numerous running tips helps you with training plans and also shares easy, delicious and simple recipes.

Run To Finish

Amanda loves being active, and her journey to running wasn’t a love affair(in her words). She shares the mistakes she committed along with the tips and motivates you to get a happy lifestyle. Her blog posts cover eating recipes, running tips, workout ideas, motivational posts and interviews, adventures, traveling, fitness, and much more.

Running with Attitude

Our attitude is completely under our control irrespective of the situation we are facing, and Michelle believes in the same too. She gives her best attitude for running. Her journey to a healthier and happy lifestyle and her opinions is covered on the blog. She shares about the training tips, nutritional habits, and many more things.


Powered by Bling

The author of Powered by Bling is one true inspiration to look out. She is a mother, wife, forensic scientist, runner,  fitness instructor, triathlete, and a breast cancer survivor who fought against the odds. She inspires and empowers you to stick to the motto of challenging yourself for crossing your finish lines.


Jill will Run

Jill shares her thoughts on running, and healthy lifestyle with everyone through her Jill will Run blog. She loves trying new products of running, health and fitness and writes honest reviews in her posts. Also, she is recovering from Anorexia Nervosa, an eating disorder. She believes health isn’t any measurements or sizes.


Crazy Running Girl

Lora is an inspiration for all the chubby people who wants to lose weight but aren’t getting the right motivation. Her ode to running came with her idea of losing weight. She loves traveling, trying new things, and eating. She shares everything in her posts, and she helps you in living a life of happiness.