Best Exercise Bikes Reviews & Buyers Guide 2016

With such a busy lifestyle there are very few hours that we can spare for ourselves and our health. And to completely utilize this much time to get our body in perfect shape and condition, the gymnasium is the best place to spend our time. Doing physical exercises not only gives our body a perfect shape but also helps to keep us healthy and fit. Health is the most important that we have got as a gift from nature, and hence we should preserve it to our best attempts.

Being physically fit also helps us to keep proper attention to our work and maintain us healthily. So when we are talking about physical exercises and gym, we should know what type of machines and physical activities we should choose. So here is a complete guide for everyone who wishes to do gymnasium.


The first physical activity that everyone prefers is cycling. Cycling is the most significant physical activity that everyone should do. But a traditional upright bicycle design has a conservative design. In this design whole of the body weight rests wholly on a slight portion of the sitting bones, the hands, and the feet.

Spinning Bikes

What is a Spin Bike?

A spin bike is a metal which weighs around 150lbs approximately. It comes with a heavy flywheel giving top spinning. The seat post, seat and handle bar are available for the bike. It is the latest exercising system in the fitness world. It has adjustable tension, and the brake doesn’t cause pulse.

Benefits of Spin Bikes

Promotes the Weight Loss – A best Spin bike helps you in shedding the extra calories off your body easily. It can burn approximately 1000 calories per hour. Spinning classes is one of the best ways.

Boosts your Strength – It tones the body, arms, core, butt, legs and back. You can build fitness by working on different resistance levels and speed.

Cardio Exercise – It can be the good exercise to the heart by making the heart pumping efficient. Also, reduces the metabolism. You can eliminate laziness and fatigue by utilizing the energy.

Low Negative Impact: You wouldn’t overpressure your joints or body for the exercise.

Speed – You will achieve a consistent speed and perfection in fitness.

Recumbent Exercise Bikesrecumbent exercise bikes

So a new concept where the rider can rest in a laid-back position reclining position is a supine position. In this design, the body weight of the rider is completely distributed over an enormous area. So this design
is more improved than the conventional design of the upright bicycle. This model is very successful and also holds the world record for the fastest bike. Riding an upright bicycle can cause sometimes chronic back and neck pain, while the recumbent bicycles are very effective.

Riding a recumbent bicycle eliminates the chances of these ailments and hence is a very useful physical activity machines. However, the upright bicycles have some advantages over these recumbent bicycles. When riding at slower speed, taking a turn or moving through a narrow passage can be very challenging for the rider and maintaining balance is tough. In these cases, upright bicycles are flawless.

Starting a ride is also a difficult task on the recumbent bicycles. Stationary recumbent bicycles can be fitted in the gym or even house and provide the same level of comfort as road recumbent bicycles. These are far better than the upright stationary bicycles and hence are recommended for physical exercises.

Folding Exercise Bikes

With recumbent bicycle and upright bicycle, there comes another type of bicycle for physical exercises, the foldable bicycle. These are the conventional bikes with a modern modification. They have the design of those classic bicycles, the only thing that is modified is that they can be folded to reduce the storage space and hence are easy to transport and carry to various places more quickly.

As compared to the conventional design of the upright bicycles, these folding bikes can be folded to a small machine with both the tires side by side and hence occupy only a little space and hence very suitable to carry from one place to another. A foldable bicycle can be an excellent option for physical exercising for those who likes to ride bikes in an open atmosphere with the comfort to take it anywhere, and by this, I mean anywhere.

Foldable bicycles have a lot of advantages over the traditional upright bicycles. With all the features of the conventional upright bicycle with an additional feature to fold the standard two wheel drive in one and store anywhere, you desire and take it anywhere easily. For those who prefers the conventional two wheels upright drive bicycle riding on the roads, these foldable bikes can be an excellent alternative.

Foldaway exercise bikes are also an excellent option in a gym or at home. These are fixed at some places so the rider cannot move with it, but will drive it is a sense so that the bike is moving on a road. The foldaway bikes are very mainly popular with the gym peoples or also available in some homes.

They provide a false sense of satisfaction of actually riding a bicycle. These are space saving equipment that can be fixed in a house or gym in a small area. Technically a foldaway bike is a combination of an upright bicycle, a recumbent bicycle, and an indoor cycling bike. In this away the people who live in some small houses or apartments can still get good, quality workout, without having to turn your bedroom or living room in a gym.

This is a good option for space saving and is a very effective way. Once you are done with exercising, one can just fold this bike and place it in a room’s corner or an elsewhere. Read More Here

Best Stationary Bikes

Recumbent bikes are an excellent choice for the stationary bikes and hence there is a very complex market with lots of them with almost similar specifications. To choose a right one for you is a very important task and so here is the help for you. There are several such as Exerpeutic 900XL, Schwinn A20, Schwinn 270, Diamondback Fitness 510Sr, Diamondback Fitness 910Sr, Sole Fitness LCR Light Commercial, and a lot more.

These all have the range in the increasing orders. Exerpeutic 900XL is in the range of $100-200, Schwinn A20 is in the range of $200-350, Schwinn 270 is in the range of $350-500, Diamondback Fitness 510Sr is in the range of $500-750, Diamondback Fitness 910Sr is in the range of $750-1000, and the last one Sole Fitness LCR Light Commercial is in the price range of $1000+. Explaining in general terms, all of these bikes have excellent quality and are value for money. Thus they all are managed to make their way to this article.

The condition with all of these is that you’ll be able to adjust the shape and angle of the seats, handlebars and pedals also, although some of the technical features are critical what separates them regarding price points.In case you have more people living at your home, you’ll be appreciative of their quietness in the operations.

This is what which something we had in mind as I can relate to your concerns before purchasing them. Make sure that you look into the full reviews of these on the internet before you’re ready to make a decision as you don’t want to rush out your decision. I have almost added everything that I could to motivate you and also provide you with sufficient information about these physical exercises. I hope that everyone reading this article will be motivated to do some exercises from now.

Mini Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes are one of these innovations. This is so useful to have something that can be easily transported. It also adds a right level of flexibility to your workout plan so that you don’t tend to find with many other pieces of fitness equipment. This thus makes much easier to make your fitness goals a reality no matter whatever they may be. Mini bikes are the cheapest form of bike that is available. Moreover, they are light and portable.

The best part about these mini bikes is that they do not take much space in your house. They can be placed anywhere with a minimum space occupancy. They are suitable for any age group with any fitness level or fitness strength. But the problem with them is that they cannot hold the weight above 130kg.

Benefits of Exercise Bikes

Talking about the benefits of exercising regularly on the stationary exercise bike, these are a better option than buying a gym membership for a month. And they are beneficiary for the health. Regular physical exercising helps you manage your weight, boosts your immune system or immunity and reduces the risk of developing chronic diseases such as asthma, cardiac failure, and diabetes.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had recommended for 150 minutes of moderate-intensity cardio exercises weekly for every adult. Everyone can fulfill this recommendation and can experience all the health benefits and even more with a stationary bike or with foldaway exercise bikes. The beginners at working out can manage moderate activities efficiently on any stationary bike, and some people who are in more shape can increase the intensity quickly to achieve a solid workout plan. Foldaway exercise bikes. The beginners at working out can manage moderate activities efficiently on any stationary bike, and some people who are in more shape can increase the intensity quickly to achieve a solid workout plan.

Why is Cycling the Best Exercise?

Very often when we have to start something new, we need some initial motivations for that task to accomplish. Sometimes it comes from your friends, your parents or your colleagues. But the best source of inspiration can be any article or a personal review. So reading about the benefits of something can help you to kick start it. So here is the answer to most of the people’s question.

1. Fresh feeling in the morning

If you are of the type of one who takes forever to wake up and can’t get going in the morning, then you should consider bicycling. You can go to your office if you are in a job, or you can also go to your school or college if you are a student.

2. Easiest way of workout

Some people don’t like to hit the gym because of time or that they are somewhat lazy. But riding a bicycle can help you do both, it can also save your lot of time if you choose it as an option of going to the office or your college. It can also help you get your workout was done, and you will also not get bored.

3. Reduce stress level and makes you feel happier

Do you know when you exercise, your body releases endorphin? Endorphin is a substance which relaxes both, our mind and body. When we take a bicycle ride, we exercise and releases endorphin. That helps us to be stress-free and relax our mood all the day. Eventually, we feel happier.

4. Minimum stress on joints

Compared with running and rowing, cycling on a fitted bike is very smooth in the body and is thus a suitable form of exercise for people of all fitness levels and all ages.

5. Cardiovascular activity

Since a (fitted) bike puts the rider in a very comfortable position, so much time as you maintain a high cadence to prevent lactic acid buildup, you can get your heart to work harder than in nearly any other sport. In my opinion, running often causes your legs or lungs to give in first since it’s tough on joints and puts restrictions on when you can breathe. In swimming, your breathing is even more restricted, so ultimately it’s your lungs working. In cycling, however, I’ve found I’m able to get my heart rate to levels unachievable in any other sport.

6. Stationary bikes have safety

Riding stationary bikes is much safer. If you are on a cycle driving on a road, then it can be sometimes dangerous. But riding a stationary bike inside your home or the gym is safe. There are almost no chances of any accidents or anything.

Guide to choose the Best Exercise Bike

When talking about the comparison between the indoor cycles and the upright exercise bikes, there are a lot of factors that need to be considered, so lets them one by one. In case you are any advanced gymnast or a cycling enthusiast, indoor cycling bikes can be a great fit.

Not only because of their efficiency or the way can they mimic the real sensation of real-life cycling, but because sometimes their resistance delivery is superior, especially at higher levels of the resistance. This is much smoother and more natural than that for the upright bikes. But if you are looking for any good ways to burn more calories, lose extra weight, or just anything to keep you in shape, upright bikes are the way to go.

The consoles are large, bright LCD screens, heart rate monitors, and some pre-programmed workout routines are easily tailored to fit just about everybody needs. The comfort level for these upright bikes are much better, and hence there is a very lesser chance of you straining or hurting yourself in this attempt.

The effects both of these bikes have on your body are almost nearly identical, provided that you should work out on each and every with equal intensity. I think I had mentioned somewhere that, even since these bikes also enhances your workout, but it is still entirely in your efforts. No machine can ever do that for you, and you should acknowledge that.